The ABCs
of Law

An inside look at the law. For babies.

Get started early

Babies need plenty of time to study before they can start their first firm job – and it’s never too early to start cramming for the bar! Prep your child with a thorough review of torts, detailed notes on standing, and a deep understanding of jurisdictional issues.

For Babies and Parents

Children and parents alike will love following Consultant Cat as he navigates the world of consulting. The colorful illustrations, playful tone, and hilarious cast of characters will keep the whole family engaged from start to finish!

Meet your Law Firm

Follow along as Lawyer Lion and Lawyer Lioness interact with Plaintiff Parrot, Defendant Duck, Judge Jaguar, Criminal Chameleon, and many more!

Whats inside

A hilarious look at the world of law through the eyes of a baby.

27 full-color pages of illustrations following the whole case team, including Lawyer Lion, Lawyer Lioness, and many more!

Walk the life of a lawyer, from taking the bar exam through arguing in the courtroom.

Inside jokes and references for parents. Cute and funny animals for kids and babies.

Teach your law firm everything from the core requirements of standing to the meaning of qui tam actions.

Start Preparing Now


Is this an actual book?
Yes. Check it out on Amazon!
Will my baby enjoy this book?
Yes! Kids and parents alike love this book – its a great introduction to business for babies and a great gift for adults.
Is this content kid-safe?
Of course! Were parents as well. We focus on creating funny and educational content for parents and kids.
Will my baby become a successful lawyer as a result of this book?

Yes. Of course! She/he will have to pass the bar first, but after that we hear it’s super easy – and our book should have all the concepts needed to succeed in your first firm job!

Will you guarantee my child a job at a top law firm?

You should really read the “about” section below – we’re not lawyers. Our spouses are, though – I’m sure they wouldn’t mind promising your kid a job!

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About Us

We love our jobs, and we love making children (and adults!) laugh – so we figured why not combine the two?

Raamin Mostaghimi

isn’t a lawyer, but he’s married to one – that’s gotta count for something, right? He’s a management consultant with an MBA from Harvard and a Bachelor’s from Johns Hopkins. His wife has been having some trouble explaining her job to his newborn daughter in terms she understands – so he’s really hoping this helps get the message across!

Varun Bhartia

oddly enough – Varun is not a lawyer either and is married to one. He has however been to court many times, so therefore he is fully qualified to write this book. Varun has taken his extensive experience and captured it in this book. Varun is the founder of a technology start up, Hack Hive. He completed his MBA at Harvard, Bachelors of Engineering from Arizona, but learned the most by building products used by millions of people.

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